Ringing in 2014.

Happy New Year, folks! (Is it too late to say that?) We are only a bit over a week into 2014, and already this year is proving to be a promising one. Between ringing in the New Year with my favorite people at a 1960’s themed party, reopening my Etsy store (Grace on Mulberry), and a finding time for real relaxation, I can say with gusto that I am excited about the year ahead.

photo 4 (10)

Dancing to Motown at Bimbo’s in San Francisco

With that said, I have a few resolutions that I am challenging myself to accomplish in 2014. Call me an optimist, but I enjoy starting off a new year with the intent to better myself in reasonable ways. So this year I am vowing to do the following:

  • Give up texting and driving. I am grateful and lucky to have a hands-free phone system which automatically connects my phone to my car when my phone is anywhere in the vehicle, so I am resolving to keep my cell phone in the back and my hands on the wheel. I figure it will be a good way to take a break from texts and emails for the short time I am driving. Win-win!
  • Share my love of vintage shopping. This year that not only means sharing my finds here, but allowing you all to buy the things I find via my Etsy store, Grace on Mulberry. It’ll be a good challenge to shop less for me and more for my fellow thrifters and vintage lovers.
  • Read 10 books. This may seem simple to some, but I tend to me the type to veg out with Netflix after a long day rather than pick up a good read. I hope to change that this year and spend more time reading and less time in front of my computer screen.
  • Join local networking groups. To be honest, this is the resolution that will likely challenge me the most, but I have realized how important making connections is for my personal and professional development so I am going to do it! If you have suggestions about professional networking groups in West LA, please share!
  • Volunteer. Since I am such a huge animal lover, I am looking into animal shelters that need volunteers to walk and play with their dogs. I. Can’t. Wait.  It’ll probably be just as fun for me as it will be helpful for them, so this is a high priority resolution.

Beyond these challenges, I hope to spend my year in the company of great friends (old and new) and family.

photo 1 (14)

Did you create any New Year’s Resolutions? What are you resolving to do?


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