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Found: Vintage Trussardi Weekender

Living in Los Angeles requires a few things: a car for getting around, patience when sitting in traffic, and a darling weekender to tote around outfit changes on a moment’s notice. The latter is because this city is so large and merely dropping by a friend’s ‘hood for dinner or drinks in the evening requires an overnight stay. Do you really want to fight that traffic all the way back to the west side tonight? No, you don’t. 

And in addition, Los Angeles is a hub of travelers. Being centrally located in Southern California means trips to the dessert in the Spring, San Diego in the summer, Santa Barbara in the cool autumn months, and occasional jaunts to San Francisco throughout the year. Thus, a sturdy weekend bag is an essential for any Angelino. But, for the last 2 years, I have been toting a large canvas bag around with my essentials for all weekend getaways.

That is, until I recently came across a unique leather catchall at my local thirft store. Previously unfamiliar with the brand, Trussardi, I was especially excited to find this weekend bag for $8 when I realized the true retail value of the bag is nearly $1000. A total score and just in time for upcoming holiday travel.

trussard 1

trussardi 2

What has been your best thrift store find recently?


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