DIY Dinosaur Costume

Did I ever mention that I love dinos? No, not Dinosaurs like the ones in Jurassic Park; but dinos, like the ones in cartoons and on old school pajamas. There’s a difference; the latter is friendly and darling.

Last Halloween I DIY-ed what has now become my very favorite costume: a green dinosaur with bright red spikes. The process was almost too easy for a costume that quickly became my go-to for costume parties and a repeat option for Halloween night 2013.

Here’s a simple tutorial:

1. Find a green dress. I found a two-tone maxi number at my local thrift store and hemmed the length to sit above my knee.

2. Using sharp scissors cut several cardboard triangles. Mine were the same size, but variations of sizes would be cute too!

3. Using a hot glue gun, cover the cardboard triangles with red felt. Seal the coverage at the bottom.

4. Using a hot glue gun, attached the triangles to the back of your green dress. Possibilities are endless! Do you want them in a straight row? Do you want two rows of spikes? Overlapping spikes? Get creative!

5. Lastly, attach two of your felt covered spikes to two separate hair clips using hot glue. These will go in your hair to extend the spikes from head to tail.


Pretty easy, right? Right. Keep this simple tutorial in mind for your next costume occasion and enjoy the bounty of compliments.

Note that you can sit down in this costume; just push the spikes to the side when you take a seat.


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