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DIY Tassel Garland

The Collectionneuse_DIY Tassel Garland

Earlier this year, a Michael’s Craft Store opened directly next to my work building. I had been anxiously awaiting the grand opening since the moment the building hung a sign that exclaimed Michael’s was “coming soon!” – I even tweeted to the store to find out the exact date of the opening. I’m crazy for crafts.

Needless to say, when Michael’s opened its doors, I was elated to spend my lunch break browsing the aisles and filling my cart with new crafting supplies. On my first jaunt, I picked up a rotary cutter and silver tissue paper to make this darling tassel garland. And after work I raced home to get started.

And as my boyfriend wrapped up his work day on my couch, I laid all of my craft supplies across my wood floors and got to work. Following A Pair and A Spare’s directions, I cut, taped, and arranged the pieces of the garland and had a finished product in about 45 minutes.

I hung the ultra-girly garland above our couch, next to a big gold frame. Within one day we brought some life to our bare walls and committed to a metallic decor theme in our living room. Now I just have to finish that white, black and gold painting…

My crafting brain never turns off.


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